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Questions & Attempted Answers

  • When will I receive this product after purchase?
  • Nothing is shipped—all files are digital. As soon as you purchase, you'll receive the files. It's like lightning but without the danger. (Tip: be sure to check your inbox after purchase for more info.)

  • What's the best way to go through the materials?
  • No matter which version of Get Rich Slowly you purchase, you'll want to start by reading through the 120+ page guide. Next, take a look at the list of items on the resources page. What gets your attention right away? Take a look at that and see how you can apply something to your life. If you get overwhelmed at any point, don't worry: you'll be receiving a different lesson every week in your inbox for a full year. We'll be with you down the road!

  • Is it for me?
  • Get Rich Slowly is not a hard-sell program. If you're not sure if it's for you, take some time to read the overview page in detail. Does it resonate? Do you like the idea of mastering your money? If so, give it a try—every purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If it doesn't seem like something you're interested in, there's no pressure to purchase.

  • If I purchase a lower-level version, can I upgrade later?
  • Yes, you can!

  • Will customer support be provided by cats?
  • Yes, cats are standing by in Portland, Oregon to assist with your order. Please be patient.

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    J.D. Roth founded the award-winning Get Rich Slowly (, named the Web's most inspiring personal-finance blog by Money magazine. He's also the author of Your Money: The Missing Manual, about which Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly raved, "This is the best user-guide to personal finance I've found, and I've probably read them all. It is certainly the sanest and most level-headed." Roth writes the monthly "Your Money" column for Entrepreneur magazine, and has contributed columns to and countless other websites.